Wednesday, March 7, 2018

First purikura with family

It has been so long since the last time I went for 'Purikura'. I was once really obsessed with purikura, especially during my young age (okay why do I have to sound like I am super old already lol).

KL used to have a lot of purikura machines back in the old days, but it is getting lesser now as the trend faded. Some purikura machine can still be found inside the amusement arcade or Molly Fantasy in few of the Aeon outlets.

I usually went for purikura with my friends or boyfriend. One day I just realized that I never did a purikura before with my family. So during this CNY while we were enjoying Mid Valley shopping mall with a lesser crowd (since most of the people were back in their hometown or traveled overseas), I brought my family to take purikura for the very first time!

The machine was located inside the Aeon outlet in Mid Valley shopping mall. Unfortunately, I did not took any photos of the machine, sorry :(. If you are interested to look for the machine that I used, you may look for 'Molly Fantasy' at the first floor of Aeon outlets in Mid Valley.

Monday, February 19, 2018

CNY 2018 #ootd

Chinese new year 2018 is finally here!

Aside from collecting the red packets, another thing I very much look forward to every year, like everyone else, is SHOPPING FOR NEW CLOTHES!!!

I used to planned my outfit accordingly and make sure to get each of the items before the cny festive season begin. As I often purchase all of them from oversea, my greatest nightmare is when the package is stuck in the middle of delivery and could not reach me in time. Which there will be NO NEW CLOTHES FOR ME TO WEAR ON CNY?! 

Unfortunately this year, due to financial issues, I am not buying too many items for cny. Also, I realized that I am not "young" anymore to spend so much on not-so-necessary stuff. Time to grow up and face the reality by spending on something that is more important (sad but true). 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day surprise

I wasn't expecting anything for Valentine's Day (no joke okay), since my bf was not in town and I have to work on that day. So we both agreed to make up to it in March when we are in Japan.

I am really grateful for this little surprise and the effort from him <3 He even requested the florist to change the packaging according to my favorite color (how sweet!) It was really beautiful and I love it so much! 

Sunday, February 4, 2018


大扫除 <--------我很久没有用这个字了!以前我写部落格超爱用的



Monday, January 29, 2018