Friday, January 3, 2014

Depression vs Shopaholic

The year 2013 had really opened up my eyes.
I'm not sure whether I should say I love or hate 2013, but still appreciate everything and everyone who "helped" to make such a great year in my life. :3

I don't know about others.
But when I face depression I shop, like no tomorrow.
Keep on buying new things to make myself feel maybe a lil better.
Amount of buying = level or seriousness of depression
Even tho it really works so well, but obviously is a bad news for my wallet.
Ahh well, but I feel happy anyway.
2013, I hope I never see you again because I fucking hate you. :D

So 2014, will be a new start again.
Must earn more money to pay debts and buy more new dress. <3

In life shit happens sometimes.
But is just life afterall, so stop stressing yourself.
Be happy :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sembreak begin!

Finally it's sembreakkk!!!! omg yayyyyyy о(ж>▽<)y ☆
After a long and exhausting semester finally I can get some rest naooo!!!
*throw all lecture notes*
*burn textbooks* ((lol I mean.. sell it (;´▽`A``

Even though I admit I didn't fully prepared myself for the finals (cuz there're too damn many things to study and memorize), but I think is quite impossible for me to fail any subject this time lol.
Mainly because there's no subject related to calculation.
I pretty much understand and answered all the questions carefully.
Unless other circumstances which I miscalculate.
But I really hope I pass all the subjects. > < I want my CGPA to look nice please!*prays

Things to do after finished final exams:--------------
(1) Arcade

Continue spamming money at arcade. ( ̄Д ̄;;
Recently get bored playing MaimaiGreen, slowly changing to other machine like as Dance Super Station (DSS), Dance Arcade Evolution (DEA) and DrumMania v8.
I know I shouldn't spend so much on all these...*stares at bank account (・_・;)
Okay, maybe is time to get some part-time jobs to cover all the 'tuition fees'. Orz
From last year till now I realize I spent a lot (like a lottttttttt) on Sega Maimai. Even enough to buy a lolita dress or drink hundred cups of Starbucks.
Damn Sega you bloody money sucker! o(;△;)o

(2) Unlimited food!

Hanging out at ShabuShabu or Steamboat is now our new 'ritual' after finishing our final exams.
Also one of the activity I most looking forward to because of all the food!! ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ
Is the time where we gather together with all the friends who are from different courses, hang out chit-chat talk co*k and stuff.

Buffet, free flow drinks and desserts. I'm so gonna gain weight after sembreak! Dx
Damn I feel hungry now just by looking at all the pictures. Miss those moment when I'm surrounded by all the yummy foods and drinks. *kena piak (_ _。)
I want go eat there again!!! o(;△;)o

(3) Concert

Malaysia is in the list of Linkin Park Living Things World Tour omggggg!!!!
I can't believe they are coming to Malaysia! At first I was like 'Is that even possible?'. OAO Is freakin' Malaysia lol.
Able to see them performing in real life is like a dream come true mannnn!
Is like seeing GOD(?) in front of you
Even though I missed the chance for Meet and Greet, which is so sad cause I want to talk to them so badlyyyy!!! ・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。
Will write another post about the whole experience of the concert ~

(4) Fadeless

More Rukienglish ahead! xD
Somehow I didn't bought any version of the CDs or Magazine this time, due to financial problem of a University student. Will definitely support them if my financial allows. QwQ
My favorite song will be Fadeless! :3 The Pv is just.... beautiful.
Especially Aoi and Uruha who get all the scene. -.-;; Poor Reita and Kai get so less scene. QAQ
Okay I know my Uruha is so damn beautiful and he must show moarrr. xD *piak* jk lol
Will write more about this on another post -w-~

Lastly, (6) My birthday! xD
Well, I don't expect any gifts from anyone la. If you want give me also I don't mind keep it...B...baka!! -3-/ *tsundere ON
But I'm kinda looking forward to it cause gonna celebrate with Tora-chan this year. :3

Monday, July 1, 2013

To keep this blog alive! :D

After not posting updates on this blog for damnnnnnnn long period I actually plan to close down this blog.
At first actually feel like want to change back to fc2 blog instead. -3-
Suddenly miss some of the functions of fc2 blogs~
But then after browse through all the old blog post,I decided to keep this blog alive. :)
I'll continue blog here! :D
I don't want to leave all my memories and important events of my life here locked forever.
Most importantly, I have 'killed' too many of my old blog previously. (eg. Yaplog, fc2, yamblog etc etc) 
I don't want to 'kill' this wonderful blog again. Q__Q 
Therefore, new objective to blog!

1. To record all the happy/sad/crazy/insane/lovely memories of my life here~ :D
2. And also a place to practice and improve my grammer. *wtf?

As usual, post might be in English, Chinese or Japanese~
Pardon my broken English. :P

No selca picture so I'll just use Starbucks pic taken from my Instagram. =3=

Thursday, October 4, 2012

the GazettE DIVISION review

*Following post is a tsukkomi-ing post rather than reviewing. -__-

This album was released on 29th August. I wasn't able to blog about it because of err... too busy with uni's stuff and etc.
The whole album was amazing, awesome and epic(?)!!!
From what I notice, the Limited Edition is already sold out on most of the website. But you still can get the Regular Edition if you want. :)

I have to say, I had a lot of trouble getting this album. 
First, I received email from CDJapan telling me that the album is too heavy to use SAL so I have to pay extra shipping and change to another shipping method.
So I decided to change to FedEX since they provide cheaper shipping than EMS and also takes shorter delivery time.
Secondly, which is when the package arrived to me. The courier guy showed me a doc about custom duties.
And I'm like WHAT'SSSS?!!!! O_O
Luckily the amount wasn't that expensive. Thank god I actually thought its going to cost me RM1k or something. wtffff
Epic album is epic but still, Ruki I know you very 'kiasu' want but no need design till so freakin heavy mah!!!-.-;;;

About the photobook/album which is combined, I already expected the contents from the GazettE usual albums and singles.
The photobook is about the concept of the album (of course), which is Idk how to explain it. Please refer to Ruki's tweet or translation on Facebook. >_>

Overall all the tracks are real awesome!♥ Totally worth every penny like seriously!
I'm glad I pre-ordered it early. If not I'll probably go jump die for not getting the Limited Edition. 
The poster was really nice too! But sadly Yumi took it. Q_Q
For people who already bought the album, you can scan the barcode on a flyer inside the album to get the signed version of the poster as smartphone wallpaper. ♥

As for the PVs, Sony Music uploaded them on their official Youtube account! So Yayyyyy! Now the PVs won't get removed after I post it here.

Every time when the preview of the PVs released, I'll be busy guessing on Ruki's lyrics.
Especially when its in English. But most of the time the word are different from what I thought after looking at the actual lyrics. -.-;
I never thought of another way of pronouncing those words. Ruki always win! >_>
I loveeeeeee DERANGEMENT to death!♥♥♥ Every scene of the PV, the song, the rhythm the guitar the drum and the meaning it trying to tell is so strong that you can actually feel it while watching!
IMO, this PV is a bit like Suicide Circus+Burial Applicant+modern horror movies???
Because it has dark feelings, blood, meat, sexy woman and worms etc etc. With addition hot guys---> all member of the GazettE. lol

I have got a lot of stuff to tsukkomi about Ibitsu.
First is gonna be Ruki's yong sui sui and "daogei" facial expression.
Like for example smexy lip biting, put hand on face, emo acting pose, playing with mic and etc etc...
For sure Ruki maniac will understand. -.-;
Unfortunately my hubby Uruha's scene isn't that much because the main focus is Ruki.
Cameraman how could youuuu!!!!! QAQ I haven't fangirl enough from the guitar solo part!
Before the full track was released, Ibitsu gives me a feeling of Shiver + Pledge (Maybe because its in BXW).
After listening to the whole track I found that its actually a really nice song. The lyrics is something different from nowadays mainstream songs. Ibitsu is about creations and the changed in music industry.

Basically I just love every song from this album. Especially Gabriel on the Gallows, Dripping Insanity and Required Malfunction. ♥♥
The design of the album used up most of the space of my CD collection. Q_Q (Dammit why?!!!)
And I rearranged my poster collection in order to fit my new poster from SHOXX in it.

I love my room's wall even more now!♥
In conclusion, DIVISION is another awesome creation by the GazettE boys.
I never regret buying all of their CDs and DVDs. Their creations are always inspiring, dark but motivating for some reason.
If you looking to purchase the Regular Edition, there are still a few more copies left in CD Japan.
Get it before its too late!!!!x3

Saturday, September 29, 2012

H&M Malaysia

There is only one reason why I am posting a blog post here.
Is because I'm testing on the blogger apps on SGNote 10.1.
Dammit if this device belongs to mine, I'm pretty sure I also will get a lil bit hardworking to update my blog.
Urghhhh I feel like getting one too!!! Dx

Recently went to grand opening of H&M at Fahrenheit 88 with Yumi.
Sadly we ended up bought nothing.
Is not that we do not have stuff to buy or the clothes doesn't suite our taste or something.
Well I actually really love the leather skirt they released for this season.
But then when I went there to purchase the skirt, I cannot look for the size which fits me..
Which makes me really want to go bang wall like wtf Orz.
I should give up eating lunch at first place and go queue with the crowd instead until I faint because of too hungry then buy the skirt lol.
Now regret also no use. Q_Q
After no luck searching for my size I actually went to try look for similar skirt at F21.
But after trying on the F21 one, I prefer the H&M one which has better quality with reasonable price.
Haiz super zannen ahhhhhh!!!!QAQ I'll be really glad if they going to restock the skirt later. >_<
Will go back to check if I got time.

Overall, I'm really happy to see H&M opened a branch here in Malaysia.
I have been noticing this brand for quite a long time ago from various fashion site and I really love their clothing!
Their brand has quality product for a very reasonable price. (Unlike some of the brands like... ah well they are BRANDS anyway >_>)
A new place for me to shop for clothes whenever I go to KL! :D

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Zombie return

*crawls back from hell*

It has been 10000000 years since my last holiday. I'm seriously exhausted and half dead like wtf arghhhhh I need my sembreak !!!! DDDx
And err... 3 weeks sembreak is not enough! I need 3 month please!*kena piak

Actually I also quite lazy to update my blog. >_> Before sembreak I kept remind myself to' revive' my blog after all the final exam shit. But after that I just.... the mood just gone.
Maybe because lazy mood took over everything that's why I slept until 4pm like almost everyday after finals ahahahahaha very tired one ya know? ~_~

Plus I still need to work part time for my cosplan which is still in 0% progressing like totally no eyes see. e_e
So here are the plan I set for my sembreak (for now).

1. Clear all(watch) anime, JP drama, variety shows, US drama, concert DVD and etc etc etcccc
2. Update blog frequently (hopefully)
3. Earn more money for new Lolita dress, Cosplan, new cloths blah blah blah~~~
4. Go movie, shopping, hang out with long-time-no-see friends
5. Attend Animangaki. (Since long time no attend cosplay event already, definitely going to AMG!!!)
6. Sleep and wake up early (which I am not doing right now)
7. Improve Japanese language (because I got the feeling I will be going to Japan soon... in my dream)
8. Stop buying shoes and buy more cloths instead. (Because I bought too much during sales.)
9. Clear all old textbooks and notes. Probably sell some of those 'useless' one or recycle them.
10. Clean my bedroom. (Because last few week I saw cockroach and lizard in bathroom and behind my wardrobe. And I'm like... HOLY SHITTTTTTT!!!!)

That's all for now. Will update asap. (Lie people one. :P)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Just finished mid term exam and now, whole bunch of individual/group assignment and project is waiting for me.
*Sigh* I'm so fucking lifeless right now. My daily life is full of study, exams, revision, group meeting, assignments, problems and whatever annoying stuff.
I even got trauma for Facebook now because every time I log in my notification is full of "assignment work distribution" or "Group meeting at..." or "Dateline for assignment" etc which really make me feel sien to go on Facebook anymore.

Not that I hate my friends or I purposely ignore assignment work, but everyday after my class I just want to go home get some good rest, watch some dramas, stalk fb news feed then only I continue with my work.
I know its gonna be tough and I'm already prepared myself to face Degree life, I think I just didn't realize how it's going to kill ALL of my personal time.
Even if I miss one lecture I will be totally lost. (Okay maybe because I am too stupid + lazy lah)
The most annoying problem in the world is applying for PTPTN.
Some of you might say paying back is harder. But many of my friend from other uni can settle their PTPTN contract very easy and fast. IDK la only my uni need us to do all the stuff by ourselves.
Okay probably because I too lazy to deal with problems. But at least I finally settled everything this morning so fuck yeah~

The saddest part of my lifeless life is that I MISSED AFA MALAYSIA!!!!!
I was looking forward to meet Miyuko-chan. > < *sigh whataver la, not like I cannot meet her anymore.
But still, I feel left out of the ACG/Cosplay/Lolita communities.
Even Facebook also don't dare to open already, got fb account also like don't have. *dafuq

Well actually, I'm not saying that I hate busy life. I do enjoy having lot of work cause sometimes if I did nothing I also will feel lifeless. *wth
Just hope this semester will end smoothly (which means no need to take any supp paper) and I really really need semester break right fucking now.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Now only I realize I never update any post during April. >____>;
It's because I was busy with part time job + studies + final exam.
I know I promise not to let the same result happen to this blog like what I did to my previous one.
Please forgive me my dear bloggie!!! Dx

First thing's first, happy super belated birthday post for my dear Ryosuke! ♥

He is so cute + hot + sexy  from every angle like a cute little white puppy that I wanna hug it sooooo tight and squeezeeeeee it really harddddd!!!!! xDDDD
I even dreamed about him most of the times. Not to mention his beautiful smile that can wash all the stress and depression away and the cuteness and moe-ness that brighten my everyday.♥♥♥
I love you soooooo much yama-chan! ♥ We belong together! Come and marry me naoooo!!! *kena sepak far far away*

Btw from now on my fan girl tsukkomi post will be at here---------->Addiction Flow
After looking at my previous post I found that most of them are stupid fangirling post. Actually sometimes when I feel like posting something about daily life, but after when I found out some latest news related to my bias I simply just changed my mind and forgot the first one. Plus I'm pretty annoyed by it so to avoid this blog from becoming fan girl blog instead of personal blog, I created this new blog to separate them.

Anyway, I'm now continuing my Degree study in UCSI University so I might be not-so-free to update my blog but since I'm not working for now then maybe still will update a bit lah~
But if there's too many irritating problem such as the freaking troublesome UCSI new IIS system then I probably won't have time to update.

Been having headache for few days dealing with UCSI RO, LMS, Finance office and course selection problem.
During that time I really feel like killing people ESPECIALLY the one who invented LMS and IIS system.

Since Android got Instagram already, I'm part of it now!
Follow me if you want. :)

Don't want also never mind want. I not so 'small gas' de. Not like you follow me I will get RM10. lol joking la xDD
K then, till next time! :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

with Iris

Awwww she's such a cute girl isn't she? I won't get bored snapping her photo for the whole day.
Too bad, Iris is not mine. Although I wish she was. :(
She belongs to one of my friend. But due to he's busy with stuff so he asked me to take care of her.
I can't afford BJD now. T_____T IMO they are difficult + too expensive for me to take care of.
For now I only can afford Jun Planning dolls. *sigh

I did a lil photo shoot with Iris. She's looks just awesome in every angle!
Here's some pic I snapped. Btw, please note that I'm using my 5MP phone camera.
Because I do not have money for DSLR etc and my 'professional photo shooting' skill is totally 0%. >___>;
Just that Iris is too cute I can't resist but to take lots of pretty pic of her. >w<

There're a lot of pic but I only picked some of it and edited them. (My photo editing also in newbie level so yea~)
Her hair is messy as you can see. Kinda scare to help her re-tied it because I won't be able to afford a new doll for my friend if I accidentally broke it or something. She's to expensive and Imma poor student without any income. T____T 

Now I feel like getting a BJD too. And buy more new hair and apparels for Eleanor and Mayrene!!! Dx

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yama-chan fever

Unfortunately, I failed to graduate from JE (at the moment.)
Probably because of these Japanese dramas are still airing now and I'm 'chasing' them like wtf...

Yes, both TV drama cast are full of JE's. Oh and Acchan too lol
I think I'm gonna give up controlling myself. Just admit and accept the fact that I'M A JE FANGIRL NOW!
NOOOOOOO!!! OMFG my hard earned money!!!! JE release stuff like F1 speed mannn!!! T___T
I'm so afraid that I'm going to change my 'home' to JE. NOOOO please don't!!! 

Ignore my own mind spamming please once Imma JE fan I will turn like this wtfwtfwtf.

Back to Visual-kei (To be specific, the GazettE.)
Finally they will be on cover pic for a few magazine included SHOXX, ROCK AND READ etc~

ROCK AND READ eyes / Shinko Music
Shinko Music

I think I'm not going to order ROCK AND READ eyes. Or maybe I'll change my mind after seeing the cover pic, just maybe.
I'm still waiting to pre-order SHOXX. I heard their photoshoot are different this time. :D
Gonna order it together with the VC DVD! >w<

Only a few more days until THE DECADE live. T____T Jelly max to those who are going. >A<
Then new album coming some more~

*Sigh* Why you no slowly slowly release singles?
At least I won't feel that pain than buying a album.
But I'm still gonna buy it anyway no matter what. Had whole bunch of collection edi I won't stop here. 

Anyway, I heard Ruki planning to open a FB account?! O__o

IMO seriously Ruki, don't come to Facebook.
Or you might end up having the same issue like Aoi last time. FB is a freakin' evil place. So don't!